About Us

Shiloh Church Ministries started in 1992 at Jalluru, 19 Kilometers from Kakinada a sea port town in the State of Andhra Pradesh, South India. We are a non-profit organization that includes 167 pastors and is inspired by Jesus Christ. Its directors are G. Satyanandam and G. S. Raju, who have sacrificed everything and worked with utmost devotion and dedication to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. It is their desire to reach the target of one million souls for the Kingdom of God.

Helping and supporting the local community in the following way:

  •  Homes for orphaned children
  • Support for Pastors
  • Bible Training School
  • Support for Widows
  • Providing Rickshaw for unemployed families
  • Short Term team Mission
  • Installing bore wells in drought affected villages
  • Medical Camps for the poor and needy to receive medical attention
  • Support for the disabled
  • Mega Phones for Community Outreach
  • Push bikes for Pastors
  • Sewing machines for widows
  • Sewing training centers for widows and unemployed girls

Our Journey- How it all Began

By GS Raju

In 1988 I received a prophesy through my mother G. Naomi. In it I was told that God wants to use me as a mighty man of God, to work for the poor and needy in His Kingdom.

He promised me help through a lady from Australia, and this lady turned out to be mother Maureen Secretan. In 1989 when I was undergoing a Bible college course in Hyderabad, a team from Australia called JESUS HEALS CAMPAIGN visited us. Its founder is Rev. Stuart Gramenz and mother Maureen Secretan was one of the team members. She accepted me as her son in Christ and from this relationship Shiloh Church Ministries (SCM) has grown. Jesus has promised that fourteen countries would help us spiritually and physically.

When ministry teams visit us, we often conduct Pastors’ conferences to teach and encourage our Pastors. This first started when World Fire Ministries used to bring teams every year to visit us. Through this assistance, and in recent years through other different church teams who have visited us, our Pastors have been blessed spiritually. Through these visits and also through the commitment of our Pastors many are coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, repenting and accepting Him as their personal Lord and Saviour. Please consider bringing a team to India to teach our Pastors.


During 1988 I Maureen Secretan attended a meeting in Rockhampton Qld to hear about the short term missions trips to India. My eldest son had been part of a team two years previous and was keen for me to come and hear for myself, I was not intending to go to India.
While responding to the altar call I received a vision from The Lord on the front wall of the church. I saw hundreds of Indian people and I was standing in the front of them preaching the Word of God.. My heart broke for these people and I knew that God wanted me to go to India, this happened eight months later.
I met Raju Geesala a student at Faith Centre Bible College during the mission trip to India in 1989 Raju told me of his vision for his people and asked me if I would accept him as my son and help him.

I have enjoyed doing mission trips in India taking some family members and friends and along with my husband and family helping financially where possible. There have been quality people like Bob Ewers and churches join giving their time and finances to expand the work I have been privileged to see SCM grow into a wonderful work for God .