Children Homes

Moolapeta Children’s Home, Andhra Pradesh State

According to the direction of God, we have started the children home at Moolapeta with 30 orphan children. . After the tsunami in December 2004 we picked up 80 homeless children who had lost their parents and were roaming the streets, now we have 170 children in the home.
By the Grace of God, this home is a three story building with sufficient rooms and facilities. All children have beds, playing materials, solar power etc…for your information you can view the photos.

Orissa state Children’s Home

During the severe Christian persecution in Orissa state in 2008 we found 50 orphaned children. Many of their parents had been murdered because of their faith in Christ.
In the years since 2008 the children have had to move 3 times due to problems with rented buildings. Recently, we built our own orphanage buildings one building for girls and another building for boys, this children home, has all kinds of facilities, and more playing areas to enjoy. The children love this home very much. We now look after over 70 orphaned children here at our Orissa Children’s home. We are very grateful to all the Australian donors for their great support towards this children home.

Narsipatanam children home

This area is a mountainous tribal area. In this area there are many children who lost their parents and are roaming in the streets begging for food to survive. According to God’s directions, we have started the children home and looking after 60 children.
By the Grace of God and by the support of all the Australian donors, recently we are able to construct the children home building and the children are happily living there