Many Shiloh Church Ministries (SCM) pastors in India have a heart to spread the good news of Christ with great commitment. We currently have 167 Pastors in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, and they are hungry for new teachings in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are secure in the knowledge that, Pastor Satyanandam and his family are proven ministers of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of the pastors are poor and struggling to maintain their churches because of the poverty of their congregations. Many of the church buildings are simple mud and leaf structures and their homes often double as the chapel. Their Sunday offerings are around 2 Australian dollars.

Local Christians do not have any work and if they do they work as laborers and receive meager wages. The usual family consists of 5-10 members who depend on one man to provide for them. As a result, the congregations are not able to support their pastors with good offerings. These pastors do not have proper food, clothing, church buildings or transport, and they find it hard to educate their children.

I like to encourage our pastors spiritually and physically but due to a lack of funds this has been difficult. We require at least 70-80 Australian dollars per month to maintain a pastor, who can touch several villages, reaching out to thousands of people with God’s Word. Currently we only have support for 80 of our 167 pastors. This is a great opportunity for you to make an investment in the Kingdom of God and help to fulfill ‘the Great Commission’. We invite you, your friends and other believers to equip more workers in this “SOUL HARVEST” of one million souls