Prayer Request

The need forPrayer

1. To maintain an orphan child, it costs per month AUD $40 dollars
2. To support a pastor’s family it costs AU $50 to $70 dollars
3. We require sewing machines for poor and needy ladies and widows, with each machine costs AU$150 dollars
3. We require push bikes for poor pastors to spread the good news of Christ in remote areas, each push bike costs us AU $100 dollars.
4. We require bore wells in drought villages; it costs AU $1000 to 1100 dollars each bore well.
5. We require mega sound systems for pastors each one costs us AU $150 dollars.
6. To provide Try-Rickshaws to handicapped people, it’s costs AU $170 dollars
7. To provide business truck rickshaws to poor and needy family it costs AU $350 dollars.
8. To provide a business Tri-Rickshaw to a handicapped person costs us $200 dollars
10. To conduct free eye medical camps every month to poor and needy people costs AU $1500
11. We would like to conduct 7 month’s sewing Centre courses, each one costing AU $ 900 to 1200 dollars.